Servicio 1

Packing, Quantity, and Quality Inspections.

In any Foreign Trade process, it is very important that all the parties involved in the purchase/sale operation make sure that all aspects of a purchase order are fulfilled and that the products subject to that order are exactly those agreed upon, so as to avoid losses in any of the stages of the process of transportation and handling of the product at customs. Any missing or lost items that may be detected in the process will be documented and reported. This allows to determine those responsible and inform the insurance, so that it may cover the costs inherent to these missing items.
Likewise, and no less important, is the aspect of the quality of the product that has been agreed upon between both the parties. For this purpose, EMISA will always be present during the manufacturing and/or packing and handling processes, and any other stage that may affect the quality of the product. Of course, all this shall be carried out at the express request of the customer, who will always be kept informed of any divergence regarding the quality of the negotiated product.